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11:34pm 09/04/2005
mood: enthralled
Man this weekend was pretty good so far. I had alot of fun yesterday. It was kinda people drank in school...not that thats weird cuz its not. But idont kno its weird to xplain it. But when i got to mitchells house it was jus fun. Took the car out even tho mitch is crazy behind the wheel. We only went to the plaza n back. Had mitch buy me n noelle mcdonalds. The went back n got us some drinks went back n drank on his roof. Not the smarest thing but fun nontheless. I wish i was my girlfriend tho i jus wanna b wit her more. Then today saw sin city n it was so frickin sweet. I recommend everyone to see that movie. But now im tired ima sleep so bye bye
Weekends cant live with em or without em   
10:18pm 03/04/2005
mood: confused
Whole bunch of shit happened this weekend. I rally dont even wanna go thru it all. Lot of stuff happened with me and shoshana. Some good some bad. Its really confusing. Then somethin fucked up happened with alex. I cant even believe that it actually happened...i thought it was so fucked up. But its done and over with. I swear people can b so fucked up its beyond belief. But anyway mitchell alex and noelle got their tattoos. Mitchell by far has the best one. Its a cross with wings...it looks so fucking awsome. Alex has a gay ass flower...it aint bad but i dont really favor it. And i dont really kno what noelle has. But i heard she doesnt like it. Which blows cuz that shit last forever. Which is why i dont really want one. And i think ill jus stick with piercings for now. Cant wait for school tomorrow...NOT i fucking hate school. I have a choice to make tomorrow and i kno wha ima do i jus dont want it to fuck up....but we'll see wha happens. Well......bye bye
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07:11pm 30/03/2005
mood: peaceful
I got it and bout time to. It took like two weeks of planning. Which is sad..but he the dude had to work. But now i got my tongue pierced. I dont kno why but i love piercings. Like not on other people but getting one. But i like it. It was worth it. And it was cheap. But not cheap like he did it bad or he wasnt a pro. He was really good. He cleans everythin rite in front of you. And he knew wha he was doin. He's good i recommend him to anyone...but i got rid of his number. So that sucks for everyone else. Its funny cuz alex tried sooo hard to stop me from geting it. Only cuz she has one to. The funny thing is that she first invited me to get it wit her. But the bitch went witout me. But i got it. Alex if ur reading this...IN UR FACE BEOTCH!!!!!!! Im keepin it....FOREVER....not forever but u get my drift. I wanna test it out. But i cant. Not only do i havta wait but i got no one to test it on. And that blows...the whole point was to use it. But its a good kinda cuz it hasta heal first. But now i g2g cuz.....idk i got ntohin else to say So peace nigga!!!!!!!
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08:34pm 29/03/2005
mood: drained
I dont like showing my poems but im bored so fuck it.

The torturess trials slowly kills
Slowly and surely it slashes my will
I want to continue i want go on
But people always seem too far gone
I try so hard with all my heart
Yet i end up nowhere not even the start
Shady things happen, things i utterly loathed
But karma comes back..people reap what they sewed
Hurtful shit happens but you go with the flow
You act like nothings wrong no matter how hard the blow
This might sound depressing and it kinda is
But thats how it goes thats how life is
But dont give up there is always hope
Writing like this sadly helps me cope

This is one of many and of course this isnt a really personal one but bye bitches
09:46pm 28/03/2005
mood: bored
I HATE THIS IT SUCKS IT BLOWS...Im getting my tongue piercedI HATE THIS IT SUCKS IT BLOWS...Im getting my tongue piercedI HATE THIS IT SUCKS IT BLOWS...Im getting my tongue piercedI HATE THIS ITI HATE THIS IT SUCKS IT BLOWS...Im getting my tongue pierced SUCKS IT BLOWS..I HATE THIS IT SUCKS IT BLOWS...Im getting my tongue pierced.I HATE THIS IT SUCKS IT BLOWS...Im getting my tongue piercedI HATE THIS IT SUCKS IT BLOWS...Im getting my tongue piercedI HATE THIS IT SUCKS IT BLOWS...Im getting my tongue piercedI HATE THIS IT SUCKS IT BLOWS...Im getting my tongue piercedI HATE THIS IT SUCKS IT BLOWS...Im getting my tongue piercedI HATE THIS IT SUCKS IT BLOWS...Im getting my tongue piercedI HATE THIS IT SUCKS IT BLOWS...Im getting my tongue piercedI HATE THIS IT SUCKS IT BLOWS...Im getting my tongue piercedI HATE THIS IT SUCKS IT BLOWS...Im getting my tongue piercedI HATE THIS IT SUCKS IT BLOWS...Im getting my tongue piercedI HATE THIS IT SUCKS IT BLOWS...Im getting my tongue piercedI HATE THIS IT SUCKS IT BLOWS...Im getting my tongue piercedI HATE THIS IT SUCKS IT BLOWS...Im getting my tongue piercedI HATE THIS IT SUCKS IT BLOWS...Im getting my tongue piercedI HATE THIS IT SUCKS IT BLOWS...Im getting my tongue piercedI HATE THIS IT SUCKS IT BLOWS...Im getting my tongue piercedI HATE THIS IT SUCKS IT BLOWS...Im getting my tongue piercedI HATE THIS IT SUCKS IT BLOWS...Im getting my tongue piercedI HATE THIS IT SUCKS IT BLOWS...Im getting my tongue piercedI HATE THIS IT SUCKS IT BLOWS...Im getting my tongue piercedI HATE THIS IT SUCKS IT BLOWS...Im getting my tongue pierced
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05:40pm 23/03/2005
mood: blank
Im uber bored rite bout now.....n hav no idea wha ima rite. Ummm last nite i saw be cool it was a pretty good movie. But the plot went kinda....no where. But it was really funny. The rock played a gay guy way too well. It jus wasnt kosher. I was crackin up that put me in a good mood. And i really needed that. But this spring break is turning out to b a bust...in a bad way. Im always bored that shouldnt b on spring break its sprong break....im not senseing a break!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its not xactly depressing but...wait....no...its depressing. But neway since ive seen a funny movie i should c a scary movie. I was thinking ring2 or for another funny movie mayb robots. Neway i have nothin interesting to say so ima breakout so.....later bitches
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02:20pm 20/03/2005
mood: content
I havent rote in what like 3 days. So since then Ive been to 2 parties. Both sweet sixteens..one was a pool party and the other surprise party. Which is funny cuz we gave her a surprise party last year so u would think she knew something would be up. But no she helped make the cake. Good ole gloria so oblivious to the world. But nuff bout that im getting my tongue pierced!!! Fuck yea thats gonna be so awesome. When it heals ima get a vibrating tongue ring. That shit will be so hot. But i gotta do it like tomorrow cuz it will b ezer. Cuz easter is next sunday and i wanna put the retainer in by then so i can talk normally cuz by then there should be no swelling. Well im praying... Im trying to think of every complication so that i dont get caught. I want tit so bad......hahahaha i put tit when i wanted to say it...funny stuff..and if u dont find that funny fuck u. But i jus cant get my mind round shoshana. Its like sicking..i cant think of her as a friend..i can only think of her as a girlfriend. And since we were at party last nite i saw her dancing and i wanted to hit nick. Not that i dont like the kid he's straight as hell and funny but i guess its like that jealous boyfriend thing. And i wasnt angry or hurt i was glad she was having fun but doesnt change the fact i wanted to hit em....even tho he is my friend and like ten times bigger then me...i could so take em. But i kno him and he wouldnt do anything since he knos i have feelings for her...and he has a girlfriend..so that put my mind at ease. But other than that everything is good. Cant really complain.And everything else is too personal to put on this thing so.....peace my niggaz!!!
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05:55pm 17/03/2005
mood: crushed
Once again i broke up with my girlfriend. Its like the story of my life. I swear if u kno me its like the 8th time. Ugh idk wha to do. Shit is so complicated with us. Idk whats gonna happen this time round tho. Im mad at her but not really mad. I guess u can say hurt but whatever. Shit hurts n u gotta take the pain. Nuttin else u really can do. But venting in this thing helps a lil. But not much. Is this the last time idk...do i hope it is...no. But i'll ride this out and see where it takes me. Nothing much i could do. I try n chase her and she pushes away so i'll try this for once. Put i aint gonna bitch bout it and shit. It jus hurts alot. Mayb i'll stay single for awhile...u kno to sort out some shit. At least my cuzin is sleeping over. And pat is coming like real late and hopefully he'll bring some drinks...he better. I havent drank in such along time. I feel like getting wasted. So i'll think do that. And my cuz is a pot head so mayb we can smoke. Here's hoping. Neway im done im gone im too tired n my throat hurts. Y? I have no fucking clue. Neway peace ya'll
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So Tired   
05:26pm 15/03/2005
mood: blah
Have u ever felt so drained? Like u walk round ur room wit a glaze in ur stare. Like a whole bunch of stupid shit that shouldnt b getting to does? But lately i cant help but feel like shit. Y am i so depressed? Even my guitar barely helps me cope. And if u kno like really kno me thats never good. My guitar is like my life...besides my girlfriend. But even she cant help me. She is so fucking distant. We used be close n and now all she thinks bout is everyone round me. But whatever i aint gonna let stupid shit like that get to me. Something is wrong i jus cant put my finger on it. Dont ya hate that?? U kno something is bothering u but u dont kno wha it is.......or u do but u dont wanna admit it. I dont kno its all so cunfusing. But wha can u do but lay back and take it. Something i gotta figure out my self ya kno?? Neway im done bitching in this thing so i'll catch ya home dawgs, skillets, slut, bitch, hoe, niggaz later!! Peace!!!!!!!!!
Stressed out   
04:43pm 12/03/2005
mood: Stressed out
I jus found out one of my cuzins is having twins. Thats not good she is 19. Her life is basically gone. 19 is the age to party go to college n get wasted...thats my plan neway. I wanna go to college and study music. That would be great. But im not sure what college i wanna go to. I dont really kno xactly want. I kno i love my girlfriend but i feel like she puts so much distance between us. I think i wry way too much. Cuz im always stressed and i want an easy answer for something for once. Everything is damn complicated. But anything worth fighting for is worth keeping. But im jus so sick and tired of it u kno? I find it kinda sad that i depend more on me and my friends than my family. But i guess cant always like ur family. But u gotta love em. At least im trying. I jus so tired of everything. Anyway i think im done bitching. This is great way getting shit out i think i like this. Cuz really no one is gonna read this. I kno they can but no one really cares. So peace out niggaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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02:06am 12/03/2005
mood: worried
I hate to admit it but im nervous. C my girl is at this thing called states which is good for her but it is torture for me. I start thinking what if she kisses another guy u kno? Its not that i dont trust her its the guys i dont trust. LIke how bout if does do something but she doesnt tell me u kno? Then i have to find out later from her friend. Then ill get a sorry i didnt mean it and shit. She called me n i couldnt really talk so she said she'd call me bak when she got to the hotel. Neverdid so then i call her at like 11ish n she said i'll u bak in 10 mins.....it is now 2:13 and nada. Im sure its nothing but sometimes i jus get this feeling like she isnt telling me something she is supposed to. Which makes me feel bad cuz i shouldnt have feelings like that. All i kno is if she kisses another fuck that shit its over for good. If u kno the background on my relationship with her then thats saying alot. I jus want her to b honest wit me thats all. I hate shit like this. Cuz i get worried n that takes away the fun im supposed to b having wit my cuzin...but she's on the fone rite now so it really doesnt matter. Her advice was not to worry bout it til they get bak. Then i should start questioning her or something like that. So ima try my hardest not to worry. So i think ima head to sleep so i can forget this til tomorrow...wow that should b riviting. So anyway peace homeslice, nigga, dawg, bitch, hoe, slut. Catch ya on the flip
02:02pm 10/03/2005
mood: complacent
Lets see today i skipped 2 classes. Im such a fucking rebel. Not i jus didnt feel like going to class. And so i came to the conclusion to not go. But the bad thing is that the fucking school keeps calling my house. Which im pretty sure is a bad thing. And its getting harder to answer the fone so that my mom doesnt. Sometimes they call early n sometimes they call late. They think that they're so damn slick well fuck them bitches. Im always a step ahead.....or at least a half a step.....naw i jus make it up as i go. I almost got caught today but im such a sly boots i lied. Im jus good like. Well im bored so fuck this peace bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
06:17pm 09/03/2005
mood: aggravated
In the morning the most vile,henious,underhanded,dastardly thing happend. I got punched in the balls dirty style. Let me give some background information. I was playing round wit my girl and i had a single mint in my pocket which she had asked for. Now of course i was gonna give it to her but i jus wanted to fool round wi her. So she pushed me and i shoved her bak litely of course. But then she threatened to hit me in my balls. And i said ok fine go for it. At first she refused but then i started taunting her. So she tried 6 times, 4 were dodged, and 2 was jus bad aiming. So gloria unnoticed went to her and asked if she could do it. She my girl says yes...she says yes to the "ULTIMATE BALL ASSASSIN" Which is gloria.Now me, innocently unaware, thought that gloria was gonna give me a hug which she did but as soon as she let go...WHAM!!!! Rite in the balls. Now it wasnt a meager tap...fuck no that shit was a punch to my balls which she undoubtedly nailed. I was on the brink of tears. See what girls dont seem to understand is when a guy is hit in his balls he is immediately his masculinity is shattered. That and every nerve in his body is in excruciating pain. Now she laughs of course and my girlfriend seems to not but help herself to smile. Now the funny thing is that she hates when gloria does that to me but then she gives the ok when she asks. Now to me that doesnt really make sense but o well thats life for ya. But then she has the nerve to say dont be mad at me. Easier said then done. If ur a guy u kno how bad it hurts to get hit in the nuts. And some advice for the girls.......DONT HIT GUYS IN THEIR NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its jus not kosher.
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12:34pm 08/03/2005
mood: blah
Today started off terrible. Alex like the whore she is forgot my guitar and brought my friend,mitchell, his bass!!!! Who mistakes a bass for a guitar?? But then she busted her ass nasty style and i enjoyed it. But enough wit my lame ass problems in life. I feel like u shoudlnt type out a sob story. Even tho i got nothing really to cry bout. U kno jus some High School drama. But everything is coming together.No reasons to go emo cry bout it and slit my rists. Wow that was steriotypical. Cosidering that i do listen to that type of music sometimes so i think ima jus shut my mouth. But i really have no idea wha to rite. O and alex if ur readin this i still think ur a whore....a Cheap one. But that was said outta love